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Lovers of fantasy and magic will warm to this story of finding a book that connects with something deep inside, only this time it isn't just a writer's craft that is at work. It's a memory of a life long ago and a world far away where things are going wrong. We can all relate to the heroine's wish to make things right.

Paul James

What would you do to save a world you never knew?

Tahendra, a teenager on Earth, discovers a worn journal that stirs memories of another life. Intuitively she knows she must return to help. She rallies her friends despite uncertainty and fleeting memories she can’t quite recall.

The world of her birth is collapsing, and the magic dissipating.

Will she overcome her self-doubt in time to repair the damage?  Can she and her friends discover their magic in time and rescue the Ancient World, or will they be caught in certain catastrophe?

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