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What if you lived in a world where what you believe, you receive?

Kris Campbell, genius extraordinaire and self-proclaimed master of indecision, is about to find out. He leads a demanding life in LA until, one night a summons sneaks in through his dream and sends him on the ride of his life.

Kris arrives in the magical world of Kalendra convinced he’s gone insane. Conquering fear and doubt are key to acquiring magic. Kris is unprepared.

The Chancellor and Great Thieves discovered the magical energy placed deep in the planet 10,000 years ago and began using that energy for their own selfish purposes. Now Kalendra’s future hangs in the balance.

Only Kris can save them. But only if he discovers his own magical powers in time. Can he restore the magical balance in this world before it’s too late? Or will his indecisive nature fail them all?



A binge-able series with magic.

5 stars, Amazon Review