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Kalendra Chronicles and its art started as a side project, while I raised my kids. Sometimes it simmered on the back burner and sometimes it was front and center with mystery and suspense driving it forward. I drew the characters and locations. And I worked out the personality traits of the bad guys that would be fun to play with the good guys too – but the story always begins with the villain, right?

As a kid my plan was to write and direct movies. Until one night, at 1:30am, I slipped and my hand was crushed in the stainless steel rollers of a pizza machine. It was paralyzed. I was 18. As I sat in the hospital and wondered why, I realized I needed to learn to draw. Then I could design sets, characters, costumes and props, to add more dimensions to the storyline.

he story was the most important part. The story would let the audience step into this world and have a look around.

2021 is a celebration because the first four book series, Kalendra Chronicles, is complete. Kalendra Chronicles is an ongoing project – so yes there will be more books. I’m writing them now. And, for people who enjoy the artwork, there will be more art as I finish it and photograph it.

Enjoy! And thank you so much for reading my books!

Why the theme of self-development?

I bought my first sketchbook and pencils ever to learn to draw on my way home from the hospital. I was instructed to keep my left hand elevated for months, so I sat down with Roger Dean’s Yes Album covers, and I started to learn. I gave myself the space to learn. Of course I didn’t know how. I’d never tried.

But what I didn’t anticipate was that 3rd grader within who was still embarrassed over the horrendously terrible illustrated book – stuck in the pile of stories on the desk. So as I developed the fine art skills of drawing and painting, it was hard to shake that particular belief – that it wasn’t adequate. I had believed it subconsciously for so long (like most people).

Learning new beliefs, especially when the insecure ones aren’t in your best interest, is a good idea. The Beacon, as one of my reviewers calls him. Hence the theme of the Kalendra Chronicles: “What you believe, you receive.”